Good bye!

The Orchestra Academy Ossiach wishes a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! Alas, the Orchestra Academy Ossiach will not be continued in 2014. We thank our loyal audience and hope for an early reunion!

Please do not apply!

Alas, the OAO will close with the end of the year. For now! Thanks to all applicants for your interest!

The Orchestra Academy Ossiach

The OAO is an educational initiative for highly talented orchestral musicians, supported by the province of Carinthia and run by members of the Vienna Philharmonic. It is based in the 11th century Monastery in Ossiach, which was only recently restored and extended.

The training consists of in-depth and themed project weeks (in-depth orchestral work, chamber music), workshops, master classes and a range of courses that also cover psychological and motivational exercises. OAO academicians also perform as an independent orchestra and in a wide range of chamber music groups appearing above all in the new Alban Berg concert hall in Ossiach, Hotel Kvarner's Cristal Salle in Opatija lead by and playing with their lecturers. 

Members of the Vienna Philharmonic and other renowned musicians, composers and soloists are responsible for the training at the Academy. Only the best and most interesting lecturers are invited to teach according to the course in question and its focal points.

Applications can only be made via this Internet portal. Find further information on the application process after you have REGISTERED.