Good bye!

The Orchestra Academy Ossiach wishes a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! Alas, the Orchestra Academy Ossiach will not be continued in 2014. We thank our loyal audience and hope for an early reunion!

Please do not apply!

Alas, the OAO will close with the end of the year. For now! Thanks to all applicants for your interest!

Ossiach - the Venue


Ossiach is located in Austria's southern-most province, Carinthia, right on the south shore of Lake Ossiach. Ossiach's history is closely linked to that of the monastery of the same name, which is the home of the OAO. Ossiach has incomparable scenery and history. The location has it all – the mountains, the scenic setting and the clear waters of Lake Ossiach, which tempt visitors to swim in summer and ice-skate in winter on one hand, and the 11th century monastery, with its superb, late Baroque church on the other. All in all, the perfect location for an orchestra academy.